7 Easy Break-Up Spells (& How to Cast Them)
7 Easy Break-Up Spells (& How to Cast Them)
Casting a spell to break up a relationship can be tricky. While the spells are sometimes simple, they can backfire if you aren’t careful or have bad intentions. In most cases, it’s best to let relationships run their course, but a break-up spell may be the right choice if the relationship is toxic or unhealthy. Read on to learn how to perform 7 different types of break-up spells.
Cast an Easy Break-up Spell

Spell to Break Up a Couple

Focus your intentions and light a black candle at midnight. Think about the couple you want to break up, picturing them walking away from each other. As you are thinking, light a black candle. While this simple spell can performed at any time, it’s best to begin at midnight. Use a black candle for endings and breaking bad habits, making it the ideal choice for a break-up spell. This spell only requires a candle and a pin and only takes a few moments to complete. Generally, candle spells involving love or relationships take about 2 weeks to manifest

Prick the candle with a pin while chanting your spell. Use a pin to prick the candle as many times as you can as you chant the spell. Write your own spell or use, “As I prick this candle, I prick at thee. Broken hearts unhappy be. May you part another day, soon to go your separate ways.”

Extinguish the candle and break it in two. Put out the candle using your fingers or a candle snuffer. Visualize the couple splitting up as you break the candle in half. When you dispose of the candle, put the pieces in separate places to further symbolize how the couple will be apart.

Separation Spell

Use rock salt to make a circle around a slip of white paper. Place a small piece of white paper on a clean surface. The paper should be large enough to write on. Sprinkle rock salt in a circle around the paper, ensuring there are no gaps. This spell is very easy to perform with powerful results. It sometimes separates a couple in as quickly as 24 hours.

Write the couple's names on the paper and then circle them. Use a pen to write the names of both members of the couple, and then make a circle around their names with black ink. Don’t remove the paper from the salt circle or make gaps as you write.

Cross out the names with an X and sprinkle the paper with chili powder. Make a large X across the names and the circle on the paper using your black pen. Sprinkle chili powder on the paper until you can no longer see the names. Crossing out the names symbolizes an end to the relationship. Chili powder signifies anger and arguments.

Lock the spell with red candle wax and say, “Break up forever.” Light a red candle and drip the wax onto the paper and chili powder. Cover the entire circle with candle wax, covering as much chili powder as possible to seal the anger into the relationship. When the chili powder and circle underneath are covered with wax, firmly say, “Break up forever,” to finish the spell.

Break a Love Spell

Light pink and white candles with a photo of the person between them. Light 1 white candle and 1 pink candle. Place a photograph of the person under a love spell between the 2 candles. If you don’t have a photo, you can write their full name on paper and place it between the candles. This simple candle spell breaks a love spell you believe has been placed on another person. It’s easy to perform and starts to work immediately.

Hold rose petals while chanting the spell. Hold a handful of rose petals in your palm. Chant: “I release you, [person’s name], from your burden.” Repeat the chant 3 times, and then say, “So mote it be.” Use fresh rose petals if possible, but dried petals also work.

Put the rose petals into a jar and place it next to your bed. Keep the jar near your bed until the person is free of the spell. When you see the jar, take a moment to imagine the person free of the spell. Extinguish the candles or let them burn down for an extra power boost. Do not leave candles burning unattended.

Lemon Salt Break Up Spell

Cut a deep cross into a fresh lemon. The cuts should be perpendicular to each other on one side of the lemon. Make sure you don’t cut all the way through. If you accidentally cut the lemon completely in half, start with a new lemon. This spell is powerful and fast working, sometimes breaking up a couple in a matter of days.

Write the names of the couple on separate slips of paper. Make the pieces small but still large enough to write on comfortably. Use black ink to write both full names, with one name on each piece of paper.

Fold the slips of paper and stuff them into the slits of the lemon. Fold each piece of paper so that it’s small enough to fit in one of the cuts in the lemon. Please each piece of paper into a different slit. Fold the paper away from you to keep the spell from coming back at you.

Put the lemon into a small container with salt, pepper, and vinegar. After placing the folded pieces of paper inside the lemon, place it in a small, freezable container. Then, sprinkle salt, black pepper, and vinegar over the lemon. The salt makes the couple “salty” with each other, the pepper kindles anger, and the vinegar sours their relationship.

Seal the spell with black candle wax. Light a black candle and drip the melted wax into the cuts on the lemon to seal the spell. Extinguish the candle and close the container.

Freeze the lemon for one week then throw it into running water. After closing the container, place it in your freezer to make the couple cold and distant with each other. After a week, dispose of the lemon by throwing it into running water.

Black Break Them Up Spell

Light a black candle and write the couple's names on a piece of paper. Use black ink to write the full names of both people. Add their birthdates if you have them, but it’s not required. Draw a circle around the names. This spell is easy and only requires a few ingredients. It can take up to 2 weeks to take effect. You can also use a black separation candle. This type of candle is black and has the figures of a man and a woman facing away from each other.

Drip melted wax from the candle onto the names. Hold the candle over the piece of paper. Carefully tip it until melted wax drips onto the paper inside the circle you drew. Drip wax onto the paper until the circle and its contents are covered. As you drip the wax, visualize the couple breaking up.

When the circle is covered, chant the spell and blow out the candle. Blow out the candle after you finish covering the circle on your paper with black wax. Then, say: “So I transferred my will. My spell has been heard. So I want it, so be it!” If you prefer to write your own chant, go right ahead. The specific wording is less important than your intention.

Relight the candle and use it to burn the paper. Light the black candle again and use the flame to burn the paper. Let the candle burn until it goes out. Safely burn the paper in a fireplace or an outdoor fire pit. Do not let the candle burn unattended.

Vinegar Break Up Spell

Write the names of the couple on two pieces of paper. Fold the pieces of paper in half. Make sure to fold away from you to send the energy into the universe instead of at yourself. Fold photographs of each person with their names if you have them. You can also tear a photo of the couple in half.

Place ingredients symbolizing anger, fighting, and sour feelings in a jar. Pins, needles, chili powder, salt, and nails symbolize sharp or angry feelings. Includes a few hairs from both a black cat and a black dog. This causes the couple to “fight like cats and dogs.” Pour vinegar into the jar to sour the couple’s feelings for each other.

Seal the bottle and throw it into the center of a crossroads. Make sure the bottle is airtight so the ingredients don’t leak out. Take the bottle to a crossroads and throw it into the center to symbolize the couple moving away from each other. This spell is easy and effective but can take up to 3 days to work.

Spell to Break Up a Friendship

Write the names of the friends you want to break up on paper. Write both full names on one sheet of paper as “Person 1 + Person 2” 8 times. Then, write the first person’s name 8 times on a second piece of paper. On a third piece of paper, write the second person’s name. Roll the three pieces of paper separately and set them aside to use later.

Mix water, lemon juice, and soy sauce in a bowl. Fill a bottle or small jar half full with water and pour it into the bowl. Add 10 drops of lemon juice and stir. Pour one drop of dark soy sauce into the bowl. The water stands for clarity, the lemon juice for bitterness, and the soy sauce for darkness. Choose a jar or bottle with an airtight lid.

Add salt, sodium bicarbonate, chili powder, mustard seeds, and cloves. Measure out 3 tablespoons of salt. Add it to the bowl with a pinch of sodium bicarbonate and stir. Sprinkle in a pinch of chili powder and a few mustard seeds and cloves. Then, stir the mixture again. Add more dark soy sauce or black food coloring for a darker potion.

Pour the potion into the bottle and add the pieces of rolled paper. Once you’ve poured the potion into the bottle or jar, add the three pieces of rolled paper you set aside earlier. Fill the bottle to the brim with water, then screw the lid on tightly.

Shake the 3 times, chanting your spell. “Coming night, please hear my plight. Bring darkness and drown friendship’s light. Blind the eyes of (Person 1) and (Person 2). Let them not be friends again. Let all ties break and end. So mote it be.” If you’re using a bottle, you may need a funnel to pour the potion without spilling.

Keep the potion near your bed and repeat the chant nightly. Repeat the magical chant while gently shaking the bottle three times every night. When the paper in the bottle dissolves, your spell is done. This spell is beginner-friendly, but it can take some time to be effective.

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