SEVENTEEN Star Jun’s 'Dangerous' Experience At Airport Leaves Fans Angry
SEVENTEEN Star Jun’s 'Dangerous' Experience At Airport Leaves Fans Angry
Upon entering the main airport area where fans were waiting, Jun found himself surrounded by a huge crowd.

Jun, a member of SEVENTEEN, was mobbed by fans as he arrived at Incheon Airport on February 26. The crowded scene depicted a scenario where fans eagerly surrounded him, creating a chaotic atmosphere. Despite the overwhelming attention, Jun remained composed and navigated through the crowd with the assistance of his manager. This incident sheds light on the challenges faced by idols in managing their safety and privacy amidst fervent fan gatherings at public places like airports.

The shortage of security personnel raised concerns about Jun’s safety, particularly as the crowd grew more agitated as he approached the boarding area. Fears arose that he could be endangered, pushed, or mobbed amidst the chaos. Despite the security lapse, Jun maintained his composure and attempted to navigate the situation, engaging with both fans and the media.

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Fans have voiced criticism following the incident, expressing confusion and anger over why Jun, unlike other members who recently had international schedules, was not provided with adequate security. They have rallied in support of Jun, urging Pledis Entertainment to prioritise his safety and well-being.

Fans have observed that Jun’s solo activities have frequently been managed independently, with instances where he has been left to handle his schedules, including travel to China, without sufficient support. This has sparked speculation and criticism of Pledis Entertainment’s management of Jun’s solo career, with fans accusing the agency of neglecting his safety and well-being, as reported by Koreaboo.

“Not a single bodyguard? Only one staff? ‘Fans’ mobbing him? But he still managed to greet and think of others’ safety. Can you get any worse than this, Pledis? (sarcasm),” wrote a fan.

Another comment reads, “PROTECT JUN AT ALL COSTS. Pledis: Let’s not send a single bodyguard.”

Some fans observed, “Jun is moving like an independent artist. He is doing everything by himself when it’s about his solo schedules. He doesn’t get solo contents about his schedules (from Pledis), he films it himself. No bodyguards or staff whenever he goes to China.”

“I don’t know his schedule, but I’ve noticed if Jun is doing something, he is by himself. Pledis does the most to make it harder for him. Messing his schedule, giving him zero security, making him miss content… it’s always the same,” commented another fan.

Fans persist in expressing their unwavering support for Jun and remain hopeful that he will receive the necessary support and protection in all his future activities.

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