Malaika Arora Reveals Shoulder Mobility Routine for #MalaikasMondayMotivation
Malaika Arora Reveals Shoulder Mobility Routine for #MalaikasMondayMotivation
Malaika Arora's Monday Motivation is all about quick shoulder mobility exercise for pain relief

Malaika Arora is renowned for her unwavering commitment to fitness. You might have come across her myriad workout photos and videos on Instagram. Whether she’s engaging in pilates or practicing yoga, Malaika dedicates herself to exercises that enhance core strength, mental well-being, and overall health. A true fitness enthusiast, she frequently tackles challenging yoga asanas, each offering multiple benefits.

The actor consistently motivates her fans to start their week with exercise through her #MalaikasMondayMotivation series. Recently, she took to Instagram to demonstrate a simple shoulder mobility exercise. Clad in a black sports bra and grey tights, Malaika showcased the routine using a dumbbell, inspiring her followers to improve their fitness.

Check the video here:

Simple shoulder mobility exercises help improve shoulder flexibility, reduce stiffness, and enhance overall shoulder joint mobility, making it ideal for daily practice. Arora explains in the video that if you do this everyday for 2 minutes. Your shoulder pain and upper back pain will disappear.

During her last Monday Motivation, the actor suggested the cat and cow pose, also known as Hatha Yoga to alleviate back pain. In a step-by-step process, she showed how to execute the asana. Malaika began by inhaling, followed by taking position by keeping her hands shoulder-width apart and knees below the hips. Next, she advised viewers to “exhale and come into cow pose”.

We are sure Malaika’s Monday Motivation videos help you to make it to the gym in the morning.

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