'Heartwarming': Indian Couple Welcome Parents to Their New Home in USA with Rituals
'Heartwarming': Indian Couple Welcome Parents to Their New Home in USA with Rituals
In the video, an Indian couple can be seen welcoming their parents to their new home with rituals in the USA.

Many people dream of settling in a foreign country with their parents. But getting settled and purchasing your own home in a foreign country is not that easy. Several documentation, papers, and applications are required to achieve such a dream. The joy of welcoming your parents to a foreign country that too in their new home is priceless, just like this video of an Indian couple welcoming their parents to their new home in the USA with proper rituals has created a buzz on the internet. The video is proof that no achievement is complete without your parents’ presence. Isn’t it beautiful?

The clip opens with an Indian couple inside a car going to receive their parents at the airport. As soon as they meet their parents at the airport, they both joyfully greet them by touching their feet and hugging them. As the video progresses, the couple can be seen welcoming their father and mother with proper Indian rituals to their new home. They touch their feet and take their blessings also. The heartfelt video has tugged at the heartstrings of many. The video was uploaded on an Instagram account named @shikha.jain.31. Sharing the video, Shikha wrote, “Welcome home, Mom and Dad! Let the unforgettable moments begin!”

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Check the heartfelt video here:

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The video was uploaded a few days ago and since then it has garnered lots of views and likes. Several people took to the comments section of the post to register their feelings about this moment. Some also shared heart emoticons in the comments section. “Totally!! Love the smiles,” wrote an Instagram user. “Awww… this is so beautiful and heart-touching,” added a second. “This is so cute,” expressed a third. “So wholesome,” wrote a fifth.

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