Shreyas Talpade Shares BIG Update About Golmaal 5, Teases Release Date: 'I'm Hoping...' | Exclusive
Shreyas Talpade Shares BIG Update About Golmaal 5, Teases Release Date: 'I'm Hoping...' | Exclusive
Shreyas Talpade says that he is really excited about the hit comedy franchise.

Before Rohit Shetty’s name became synonymous with the cop universe, he was best known for the comedy franchise Golmaal. Earlier this year, the filmmaker announced that the fifth instalment of the franchise will be released in the next two years. Now, Shreyas Talpade, who plays a recurring character in the popular franchise, has shared a big update about the film’s release. Shreyas told News18 Showsha that he is hopeful that Golmaal 5 will hit the theatres next Diwali, in 2025.

In an exclusive conversation with News18 Showsha, Shreyas said, “Just before the pandemic, Rohit and Ajay bhai had announced that we will soon be shooting for Golmaal 5. Unfortunately, the pandemic happened and everything went for a toss. Recently, he made a statement that we will be doing Golmaal 5. I’m hoping that we do it next year and next Diwali is when we get to see Golmaal 5.”

“Golmaal is very close to our hearts. Especially after the last Golmaal, we missed it when it was over. It was so much fun on the sets that we couldn’t face each other and say our lines because we would burst out laughing. Golmaal is a very, very special for all of us and we are waiting for it,” Shreyas added.

Shreyas feels that there has been a transition in cinema and there is a dearth of comedic ensemble films like Golmaal and Housefull. “There has been a shift in comedy. We recently haven’t come up with something like Golmaal or Housefull. If you see all these memes going viral, it’s of these earlier films and nothing from the recent past. It makes you wonder what is going wrong,” he said.

Shreyas added, “There was a phase in 2005 where multi-starrer comedy films were coming in one after the other. All these filmmakers never took anything for granted. They felt obliged to entertain the audience and do everything to make sure that the film was an entertainer. They were making films and not projects. They wanted to get the best people and not who was available. There used to be a soul in it. Rohit Shetty was one of the biggest filmmakers in that genre. I miss these comedies. Why aren’t we making more Golmaals? But then, the beauty of Golmaal is probably that it comes after a break when people are looking forward to it.”

Meanwhile, on the work front, Shreyas will soon be seen in the Marathi film Hee Anokhi Gath. Besides Golmaal 5, Shreyas also has Welcome 3 or Welcome To The Jungle in the pipeline.

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