4 Easy Habits to Reduce Dependence on Food Delivery Apps
4 Easy Habits to Reduce Dependence on Food Delivery Apps
Amidst all the convenient food options available, cooking at home can be viewed as a dying art. But there are endless benefits to revive it

The impact of food delivery apps on India’s dining landscape is vividly evident. In 2022 alone Zomato processed an astounding order volume of 535 million orders in a single year. This staggering volume becomes even more striking when we account for the presence of other prominent players in the food delivery market, such as Swiggy and Dunzo.

The apps undoubtedly provide great convenience, especially during emergencies or occasional indulgences; however, it is essential to acknowledge the drawbacks that accompany this modern-day convenience. The cost of ordering is on the rise, with some simple dishes like curd rice costing anywhere from INR 150-200 in cities like Bengaluru.  And at the same time, there is little to no guarantee on the quality of the food or its ingredients. We all know better than to rely on restaurant food for our daily fare, but what is the alternative if you aren’t the best cook?

Why should you start cooking at home?

Mahek Mody, co-founder, Upliance.AI says, “Amidst all the convenient food options available, cooking at home can be viewed as a dying art. But there are endless benefits to revive it. Cooking at home allows us to experiment with cuisines and dishes, tailor meals to our preferences, and ensure the use of fresh and wholesome ingredients. It empowers us to make informed choices regarding our dietary needs, exercise portion control, and cultivate a deeper appreciation for the food itself. Moreover, when we cook at home, we become the guardians of our health, actively shaping our well-being through what and how we cook. “

Mody shares four easy habits that will help you reduce your reliance on food delivery apps and make cooking at home a fun and rewarding experience.

  1. Practising a Gradual ApproachCooking every day can feel overwhelming. The good news is that you can start gradually and build confidence in the kitchen. Begin by selecting one or two meals per week to cook at home, allowing yourself to ease into the process. As you become more comfortable and familiar with the recipes, ingredients, and techniques, gradually increase the number of home-cooked meals. This gradual approach reduces the pressure and provides an opportunity to discover the joy of cooking and gradually incorporate it into your daily routine.
  2. Incorporating Favourites and Easy-to-Make MealsTo reduce reliance on food delivery, consider making your favourite foods a regular part of your weekly meals. Start by developing your cooking skills by learning a few basic techniques. Explore simple recipes or quick meal options you enjoy and can easily prepare, such as sandwiches, salads, or other dishes requiring minimal effort and time. These go-to meals will help you resist the urge to order takeout. Additionally, feel free to add variety to your menu by experimenting with different cuisines. This approach allows you to expand your culinary repertoire while enjoying the satisfaction of preparing meals at home.
  3. Embracing Cooking with TechnologyWith the right tools and resources, even beginners can develop their culinary skills and explore the delights of homemade dishes. The market now has AI Assisted cooking appliances and they come equipped with intuitive interfaces, smart sensors, chatbot assistance, and AI recipe generators that simplify the entire process. With features like temperature control, self-timers, and automatic cooking, chopping, and stirring modes, home cooking becomes more precise and convenient, ensuring consistent and delicious results.Additionally, they come equipped with options for healthier cooking methods, and individuals can prioritise nutrition and tailor meals to their dietary needs. With their adaptive learning and recipe customisation features, these devices assist you in adapting to cooking, exploring your culinary creativity, prioritising your health, and developing a lifelong skill that brings joy and satisfaction to everyday life.
  4. Focusing on the BenefitsTo resist the temptation of food delivery, it’s crucial to remind yourself of the numerous benefits of cooking at home. First and foremost, it allows you to save money by avoiding the additional costs associated with ordering delivery. Furthermore, cooking at home grants you control over the ingredients, ensuring you can make healthier choices and customise meals to your preferences. In addition, cooking at home provides an excellent opportunity to bond with your family. Sharing the cooking experience with loved ones can strengthen relationships and create lasting memories. If you keep these advantages in mind, you can stay motivated and focused when the urge to order delivery arises.

    While ordering food can be an enjoyable treat from time to time, there is a special gratification and joy that comes from cooking your meals. Luckily, modern technology has made home cooking more accessible and enjoyable, even for beginners or those who may not typically find cooking appealing. With innovative cooking appliances offering step-by-step automated cooking and AI assisted cooking, exploring the world of home cooking has become an exciting and fulfilling experience. It opens up a whole new realm of flavours, skills, and satisfaction, transforming cooking from a mere chore into a delightful journey of discovery.

    So, dive into the world of home cooking and savour the pleasures of preparing your own delicious and nourishing dishes.

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