Actor-politician Jaggesh Suffering From Back Pain? What We Know
Actor-politician Jaggesh Suffering From Back Pain? What We Know
Jaggesh shared some photos of himself doing a few yoga poses and wrote a note of thanks to his trainer.

Jaggesh is an Indian actor, politician, director and producer who is a popular face in the Kannada film industry. He has been a Member of the Parliament in the Rajya Sabha from Karnataka since 2022 and is the spokesperson of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), Karnataka. Recently, the actor posted a photo on Instagram which makes us wonder if he is suffering from back pain.

Jaggesh shared some photos on Instagram where he can be seen practising some yoga poses with the help of a trainer. The actor can be seen stretching his muscles while the trainer helps him retain the pose. Along with the photos, he wrote a note of thanks to his trainer to appreciate his help and support and also shared that he indeed was suffering from back problems.

The caption read, “My dear yoga teacher Sri Omkara who is coming home to solve my back problem because of his love for me. He is the head of the Aeronautical Department of the Tata Institute. What makes him special is that he is the disciple of Vishwa Yoga Guru Sri BKS Iyengar. Our Sahasasimha Vishnuvardhan introduced me to him.” He also shared the details of Sri Omkara and urged his followers that if they faced any external problems in the body, he would cure them with his experimental yoga. He wrote, “If anyone wants an advanced yoga training or has back joint pain, go to him. He resides near Devegowda Petrol Pump.” He also shared his contact details and signed off the note with a “Happy Tuesday.”

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The internet quickly rushed to the comment section to express their opinions. One user questioned him, “Sir, how are you so young?” Jaggesh posted a photo of himself stretching his hips by sitting on a steel chair. This attracted a question by a fan who asked, “Sir why that old steel chair?”

Reportedly, in 2023, the actor-politician suffered a lower back slipped disc and was in Bengaluru healing from his injury. He was also on two weeks of bed rest for full recovery. Reportedly, he had been facing back issues for a long time. It increased after he decided to trek Kedarnath for five kilometres without any footwear at 6 degrees Celsius temperature. This led to L4L5 compression.

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