Imran Khan On Ira Khan's Mental Health Podcast Tagged 'Elite': 'Add To Talk Without Tearing Each Other'
Imran Khan On Ira Khan's Mental Health Podcast Tagged 'Elite': 'Add To Talk Without Tearing Each Other'
Ira Khan, Aamir Khan's daughter, released the trailer for her new mental health podcast Call Me Hopeful, with Imran Khan as the first guest.

Aamir Khan’s daughter, Ira Khan, recently dropped the trailer for her upcoming podcast Call Me Hopeful, focusing on mental health discussions. The trailer provides a sneak peek into the podcast’s varied guest lineup, featuring Imran Khan, Vir Das, Mallika Dua and Kenny Sebastian.

Within the trailer, actor Imran Khan, marking his return, discusses gaslighting and shares his thoughts on the topic. In the first episode, Imran Khan delves into his experiences spending considerable time on Reddit, where he’s observed discussions often taking a more considerate approach, with people approaching matters from a softer angle.

One user commented that it’s an elitist approach. He wrote, “Made by and for the elites. Awaiting discussions on mental health of marginalised people, workers, peasants and landless labourers especially women!” When asked the reason behind his thoughts, he wrote, “Because they represent 1% of society. They already have multiple avenues to speak on any and every issue. Also, in many ways they’re responsible for the marginalization of workers, peasants and marginalized communities. There isn’t a lot common with folks who have net worth in billions and those who toil in the scorching sun everyday. There is a a massive difference in the experiences of their mental health issues. Also in this age of aesthetics anf bourgeois obsession we’re losing perspective and priority. We’re letting the 1% hog even those spaces in the alternative media like swaddle when in reality these spaces should aim to talk about intersectional identities. They should prioritize the 99%. But rather we create a PR campaign for failed nepotistic actors and actresses. The people of this country should stop elites from hogging spaces. This is in the spirit of the constitutional values of democracy and representation.”

To this, Imran took to Instagram Stories and replied with another response that he got. It came from a person belong to the Scheduled Caste. It read, “The interview of yours on Swaddle was a great one. It felt as though some nods in the head freed up when you know someone out there understands the gravity of it. I come from a scheduled caste background that carried its trauma and it sucked big time because I didn’t “look” like an outcast. Im 28 today and it’s only now that I am aware of the trauma it inflicted and how to build pockets of stillness around it. Im just writing this as a note of conversation thanks for opening up as much For someone who thought maybe down. the world will never be okay with my background, I thought I always have to lie – it was an extreme (sic).” To the reply, Imran added, “Here’s a [received from a message I woman who actually watched the episode…I wish we could find a way to add to the conversation without tearing each other.

On the work front, Imran Khan is getting ready to return to Bollywood after nine years, which is a big deal for him. According to a report by, Imran is starting a new phase in his career, with support from his uncle and mentor, Aamir Khan. Aamir has played a key role in Imran’s career from the beginning, introducing him as a child actor in Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak in 1988, and later as the main actor in Jaane Tu… Ya Jaane Na in 2008.

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