'Drone Didi', 'Tigers' and 'Elections': What PM Modi Covered in His Last 'Mann Ki Baat' Ahead of LS Polls
'Drone Didi', 'Tigers' and 'Elections': What PM Modi Covered in His Last 'Mann Ki Baat' Ahead of LS Polls
Mann Ki Baat: Prime Minister Narendra Modi began his address by talking about the famous 'drone didi' and his government's efforts to empower women

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday began his monthly address to the nation by talking about the famous ‘drone didi’ and his government’s efforts to empower women.

While addressing the 110th edition of his radio programme ‘Mann Ki Baat’, the prime minister asked the people of the country to acknowledge and celebrate the contribution of women in different spheres of life.

“After a few days on March 8, we will celebrate Women’s Day. This special day is an opportunity to salute the contributions of women’s power in the developmental journey of the country. The great poet Bharathiyar Ji has said that the world will prosper only when women get equal opportunities,” PM Modi said.

Highlighting Sita Devi’s revolutionary use of drones in farming and technological advancements and agricultural practices, PM Modi said, “Who would have thought till a few years ago that in our country, women living in villages would also fly drones? But today this has become possible. Today, everyone is talking about Drone Didi in every village, ‘Namo Drone Didi, Namo Drone Didi’ is on everyone’s lips.”

PM Modi also talked about his government’s focus on the conservation of wildlife adding that the number of tigers increased under the Modi government.

“Due to the efforts of the government in the last few years, the number of tigers in the country has increased. The number of tigers in the Tiger Reserve of Chandrapur, Maharashtra has crossed the figure of 250,” he said.

“A Bengaluru-based company has developed apps named ‘Bagheera’ and ‘Garuda’. With the ‘Bagheera’ app, the speed of vehicles and other activities during jungle safaris can be monitored,” PM Modi said.

About the upcoming 2024 Lok Sabha Elections, PM Modi said there is a possibility that the Model Code of Conduct will be enforced in March as it was done during the last polls as well, a reference to the expected announcement of the election schedule sometime next month.

“In Mann ki Baat it’s all about the country’s collective efforts, for the next 3 months Mann ki Baat will not be broadcast. The next episode will be 111 episodes,” he said.

Earlier in the morning, Prime Minister Modi inaugurated ‘Sudarshan Setu’, the country’s longest cable-stayed bridge of 2.32 km, on the Arabian Sea, connecting Beyt Dwarka island to mainland Okha in Gujarat’s Devbhumi Dwarka district.

The bridge, which was known as ‘Signature Bridge’, has been renamed as ‘Sudarshan Setu’ or Sudarshan Bridge. Beyt Dwarka is an island near Okha port, which is nearly 30 km from Dwarka town, where the famous Dwarkadhish temple of Lord Krishna is situated.

Modi began his day by offering prayers at Lord Sri Krishna temple at Beyt Dwarka.

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