Microsoft Is Bringing Its Game Store To Rival Google And Apple: Know More
Microsoft Is Bringing Its Game Store To Rival Google And Apple: Know More
Microsoft is planning to battle both Google and Apple with its own app store for games but it will focus on all the users. Here's what it means

Microsoft is busy fighting it out in the AI arena with OpenAI and Google but soon the company is going to have a new battle on its hands. Microsoft is planning to launch its own mobile game store for apps that will compete with Google’s Play Store and Apple App Store.

The report from Bloomberg claims Microsoft plans to launch a web-based gaming store that will include popular titles like Call of Duty: Mobile, Candy Crush Saga and more. The company is likely to host its in-house apps which can allow Microsoft to offer better incentives to download from its app store rather than Google or Apple’s.

Microsoft Gaming Store: What It Could Look Like

The details about the app store launch were confirmed by Sarah Bond, President, Xbox who talked about bringing games from the Microsoft game studios to the upcoming platform.

The best thing about the Microsoft gaming store is that being a web-based app store means you can access these apps on all devices and not limited to a few countries like the regular app stores.

The other likely benefit of installing games from the Microsoft game store is that developers could bypass the app store commission that Google and Apple charge for their respective app stores. Microsoft will be hoping that the ongoing antitrust battle between its rivals and the ecosystem plays to its advantage.

Having said that, these two have a big uptake on apps and user base thanks to their mobile platforms, so Microsoft will definitely need to offer a compelling package for developers and consumers to get them to make the jump. The company could have an event to announce this app store where they could see special arrangements with Xbox that could help it appeal to the users.

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