This US Blogger’s Mumbai-Style Bhel Puri Impresses Desis
This US Blogger’s Mumbai-Style Bhel Puri Impresses Desis
Eitan Bernath is known for sharing Indian recipes on his Instagram handle.

Indian snacks are appreciated by one and all. From pani puri to pav bhaji, there are a variety of options available for the food enthusiasts. Among the range of street food options, Bhel puri is a beloved Indian street food cherished across India. Its preparation involves a delightful assortment of puffed rice, with some chopped vegetables, all combined with various types of dips and spices. This street-side delicacy presents a symphony of flavours – sweet, sour, tangy, and spicy. This street food has not just impressed the Indians but has left an impact on foreigners too. Recently, an American chef prepared this Indian snack. Eitan Bernath is known for sharing Indian recipes on his Instagram handle. He recently posted a video recipe of bhel puri preparation.

The video begins with the chef adding puffed rice, sev, and boondi to a large bowl. He then proceeds to crush some puris and adds them to the mix. Next, he adds chopped onions, tomatoes, boiled potatoes, cilantro, and green chilies. The chef then heats a pan, roasts some peanuts, and incorporates them into the bhel puri mix. Following that, he sprinkles chaat masala and Kashmiri chilli, giving it all a thorough dry mix.

Later, Eitan adds mint and tamarind chutneys, mixing it all again. He also suggests that the mixture should be “wet but not soggy.” After preparing the dish, he puts it on a plate and indulges in the flavourful creation. The text attached to the video reads, “I’ve been dreaming of the bhel puri I ate in Mumbai on my last trip, so I had to give it a try myself.”

Check the post here:

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So far, the video has amassed more than 14,000 views. As soon as the video was dropped on the photo sharing site, several social media users flocked to the comments section. A user wrote, “That looks like a bomb! Did it feel like you were back in India?” Another food enthusiast added, “Wow, that’s great! That’s my favourite dish, and by the way, I’m missing home. “That looks yum,” an account remarked.

A while ago, a video clip of a bhel puri preparation caught the attention of food enthusiasts and took the internet by the storm.

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What makes this bhel puri extra special is that it is made using 60 different mouth-watering ingredients and a unique process of creation. The clip amassed over 33 million views.

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