Anupmaa: Kinjal Threatens To Slap Dimpy After Argument In Kitchen
Anupmaa: Kinjal Threatens To Slap Dimpy After Argument In Kitchen
In the latest episode of Anupamaa, Kinjal and Dimpy had an argument over unpacking kitchen equipment.

One of the most popular Hindi serials Anupamaa, starring Rupali Ganguly in the lead has grabbed the eyeballs of the viewers with its latest episode, which premiered on August 15. In the show’s current plotline, Anupamaa’s son Samar and her family are at loggerheads with his wife Dimpy. The latest episode showed how Dimpy was confronted by Anupamaa’s daughter-in-law Kinjal while she was deliberately engaging in actions that she should not. Kinjal even threatened Dimpy that if she fails to listen to her, she will have slap her.

It so happened that Dimpy was unpacking kitchen utensils quite loudly when Kinjal walked in. Dimpy was ridden by intrusive thoughts that she should not lose her control over her husband Samar, whom she deemed as soft-hearted. As soon as Kinjal entered the kitchen, Dimpy asked her to make some space and move the stove as she wanted to use the induction. This led to Kinjal issuing a stern warning to Dimpy. She advised Dimpy to keep her voice low, otherwise, Kinjal would not hesitate to give her two tight slaps.

Meanwhile, Samar who usually lets the actions of Dimpy pass away mustered up some courage and confronted Dimpy about spending excessively on home appliances, putting strain on the finances of the Shah family. Although initially, Dimpy blamed Anupamaa for everything she later hugged Samar requesting the return of the dancing academy area stating that she was planning something.

The episode also revealed Anupamaa getting worried about her daughter Pakhi for deciding to stay with her in-laws despite a troubled and abusive marriage. That’s when Anupamaa’s second husband Anuj comforted her by saying that Pakhi was an adult and quite capable of handling herself. Anupama noted that women frequently hide serious problems while giving bad relationships a lot of second chances and hope for a happy ending. She also voiced her concern that Pakhi would walk the same road as her accepting injustice.

Anupamaa has consistently performed well in the weekly BARC ratings since its inception in 2020. The daily serial continues to steal the audience’s hearts with its compelling plot and excellent performances.

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